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Completed Projects Somerset

Undoubtedly, this project was a testament to the versatility of our Bronte Yorkstone, as it perfectly complemented an incredible property perched overlooking the breathtaking Somerset countryside. The selection of materials was critical, and Bronte Yorkstone emerged as the ideal choice to harmonize with the picturesque surroundings.


For the paved areas, the majority of the space was adorned with gauged widths x random lengths of riven Yorkstone, lending a natural and rustic charm to the landscape. To add a touch of refinement, sawn Yorkstone was used to edge the pathways and borders, creating clean lines that beautifully defined the different areas.


The patio area, a focal point for relaxation and enjoyment, was paved with the timeless elegance of sawn Yorkstone. Countless bullnose steps and sawn copings were thoughtfully incorporated throughout the design, adding sophistication and functionality to the stunning project.


In the end, the harmony between the exquisite property and the chosen Bronte Yorkstone materials resulted in a mesmerizing and cohesive design. The property’s breathtaking setting was elevated to new heights of beauty, showcasing a perfect blend of nature’s wonders and expert craftsmanship. This incredible project served as an inspiring example of how thoughtful material selection can enhance the allure of a property and create a harmonious connection with its surroundings.

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