Garden Inspiration with Natural Yorkstone

Yorkstone Garden Inspiration

Any time of the year is a good time to revitalise your garden. The flowers and greenery are important but so is the landscaping. There are a lot of structural details you can use to make your garden look stylish and quaint. Gardens are one of the most important outdoor spaces we have access to. It is not only the space we relax in when good weather is upon, but is the space we go to tranquillity. It is a space for children to learn to play and to explore. It is a space where we get inspired and feel connected with nature. This is why the design of a garden can enhance your experience in it. In this article, we will give you various structural detailing options. All which you can use to make your garden that little bit more special. 


Walls which surround your garden space can often be cold and confining. This does not have to be the case. Rubble walling can add a layer of warmth to your garden. It is a rustic and historical material which adds a nostalgic aesthetic to your space. Mined from our local quarry in Lancashire, we select our rubble walling with care. This is so it creates a stunning range of earthly tones. The brilliance of rubble walling is that it allows the plants in front of it to stand out. The vibrant tones of flowers during the summer complement the wall’s natural palette. Rubble walling is traditional, which adds character which is seldom found in other materials. With the random sizes and shapes of this product, it creates a quintessential English style wall. This style is one which is throughout the British Isles, but features predominantly in areas such as the Cotswold. 


Dry stone walling is a similar product to that of rubble walling. Dry stone walling is less random in shape and size. They are small rectangular pieces which stack on top of each other. This product matches beautifully with other natural stones, especially Yorkstone paving. It is also a versatile stone feature. Use this product either for walling but also for making water features. As with our rubble walling, we mine this stone using sustainable methods from our Yorkshire quarry. This allows us to guarantee consistency and quality in every stone. Dry stone walling’s shelf-like properties aid in the creation of a stylish and sleek look. 


There is also a more sustainable option to the dry stone and rubble walling. Despite these products being sourced considerately, nothing beats upcycling. Reclaimed walling is a perfect alternative to new walling products. It has its own unique character, formed over years of use and exposure to the elements. Reclaimed from derelict walls all over the North-West, this product adds a layer of regional history to your garden. Our reclaimed walling is the ideal material for creating an aged appearance to any outdoor or indoor space. Reclaimed stone walling is in demand more and more due to its ability to balance a traditional appearance with modern trends. In essence, this walling creates a stunning look which one cannot  replicate. 


The entrance to your garden sets the tone for the rest of it. This is a crucial part of the design to get right as it sets the first impression and feel of the space. Yorkstone steps are an elegant and luxurious material to use as are in earthy colour tones. These colours combine well with any material or plants used alongside it. They also are for pool sides and gradient changes in the garden. This augments the visual aesthetic of your space. This is because natural stone provides a timeless yet contemporary look. The soft colours allow other colours to appear more vibrant and emphatic. 


Our final piece of garden inspiration is our coping stones. These are great versatile pieces of architectural detailing. This is because  they soften the look of your garden walls. Our garden copings add the perfect final touch to your walling designs. They hide the rough top of a wall and create a smooth finish. Owing to our copings light buff and grey colours, it matches well with other natural stone products such as Yorkstone. All the sides are sawn to provide a uniform and clean aesthetic. 


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