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Completed Projects Christ Church Chelsea

The consecration of this enchanting church in 1839 marked a significant moment in the history of the formerly independent village of Chelsea, once separated from London by picturesque countryside. As the years passed, the church continued to hold its allure, becoming a cherished place of worship and celebration.


Inside the church, our Abbeystead Cathedral Yorkstone paving takes centre stage, serving as an exquisite centrepiece that runs throughout the interior. Notably, it creates an elegant and inviting aisle, providing a beautiful path for parishioners, guests, and newlyweds to walk upon.


The natural finish and stunning colour of our Abbeystead Cathedral Yorkstone harmoniously blend with the church’s surroundings, accentuating its inherent beauty. It’s a tribute to the timeless appeal of Yorkstone and its ability to enhance the aesthetic of this much-admired church.


As the years go by, the Abbeystead Cathedral Yorkstone will age gracefully, embracing the footfalls of countless generations who come to find solace, celebrate love, and be part of the living history of this cherished place of worship.

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