Natural British Stone with UK Delivery Available

Protect and care for your natural stone

The beauty and durability of natural stone makes it the perfect material both internally and externally. Here at Stone UK, we understand the importance of keeping the aesthetic of natural stone at its best for as long as possible. Whether it is by sealing, cleaning or enhancing your stone, you can achieve high-performance results with our Eco Stone Shield products.

As natural stone is a porous material, we recommend using our ecological Stone Sealer. The sealer will prevent staining from the build-up of environmental dirt and grime as well as giving protection from spillages such as coffee, paint, diesel and even red wine. Our stone sealer allows stone to become moisture repellent meaning the natural beauty of your stone can be upheld.

Our Stone Cleaner is perfect for removing heavy spills of oils, fats, dirt and grime. As with all of our Eco Stone Shield products, this solvent-free cleaner is environmentally friendly and safe to use around children, pets, plants and aquatic life.

Is your stone looking tired and dull? Try our Colour Enhancer and give your stone a new lease of life whilst protecting it from the natural elements. For stone interiors, this works great for protection against spillages and tough stains whilst enhancing the aesthetic of your stone flooring.

All of our Eco Stone Shield products are easily applied using a spray, roller or brush and do not alter the colour or appearance of your stone.

Why not revitalise your yorkstone patio or refresh your sandstone fireplace today. With one simple application, it couldn’t be easier to protect and enhance your natural stone products. Whether it is yorkstone, sandstone, limestone, granite or slate, our Eco Stone Shield products can keep the beauty and timelessness of your stone for a lifetime.

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