On trend: integrating the old and the new

Integrating old and new Landscaping Ideas

The combination of old and modern forms of landscaping is a fashionable trend today. It involves merging external architecture and garden landscaping to create a unique aesthetic. When done well, it creates an individual yet versatile and sophisticated outcome. As shown by the pictures, this style can be awe-inspiring but homely and quaint if executed right. This article will give you some ideas and tips on how to bring this style to life in your garden. 




It is vital that before the start any project, there is consideration placed on the space. This means taking into account the surroundings before integrating a new aesthetic. For example, placing a dark natural stone in a modern landscape might be conflicting. Remember, the aim is a harmonious yet complementary relationship. This allows each style to elevate the other. Additionally, styles used for a statement should not be within a space which is too small. This might make it become overpowering, thus diminishing the look of the outcome. 


2. Cost

Depending on materials, it can be expensive and difficult to achieve a desired look. So, when beginning a project, there has to be a clear goal about the placement of pieces to mitigate high costs. For example, using yorkstone paving can increase the cost of a project. But, if used for copings, sills, and quoins it can still add to the final look whilst reducing the cost of the project. Consider using alternative materials or reclaimed yorkstone to reduce the final price. Remember, if operating on a budget, not everything has to be top of the line or new to make that perfect combination. This is not a trend limited to wealthier people. All that is necessary is careful cost planning and consideration from the beginning. Always consider reclaimed and alternative materials where possible.

3. Feel 

One of the most important parts of any project is the desired feel. Not all materials will have the same feel. For example, our reclaimed granite cobblestones are from Northern towns in England. They have a different historical feel than a yorkstone with a modern finish. Despite both being traditional and stylish choices, they are not used for the same reason. Our reclaimed granite setts and cobbles create a more rustic and traditional look.  They have the wear from horse-drawn carriages from industrial Lancashire trade towns. Whereas our Abbeystead yorkstone will provide a more classy and smooth traditional appearance. This is because it resembles the large country estate houses found throughout the UK. In their own ways, both materials have a timeless and luxury feel to them. Incorporating them into a space is easy to do as they often complement modern materials. Both are very versatile, used to create beautiful garden paths or patios. See below how a property in London has managed to use reclaimed yorkstone paving. They have achieved a stunning garden landscape. In the other pictures, reclaimed cobblestone has enhanced the feel of the landscape.

4. Modern Elements 


To add a modern element to a classic space, our Fairfield Yorkstone Paving can be an ideal choice. The cool grey tones and sawn finish give any space a stylish appeal. One example is The Museum of the Order of St John in London. They used our Fairfield to complement the historic features of the building’s architecture. 

Both old and new stone can have a finish which is modern, making it a brilliant way to blend the two styles. Modern finishes include honed, sawn and antiqued, each providing their own unique element. 

In summary, the combination of new and old styles on paper should not work. Though, as shown by the pictures and by practice, it often creates a beautiful and timeless look. Find more information about the different types of natural stone at Stone UK Flooring & Paving.