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On trend, integrating the old and the new

The trend of combining the old and the new has been incorporated within interior design, merged into architecture and is now increasingly popular within landscaping and garden design. When done effectively, the result of integrating old and new materials and design ideas creates an individual look; one that is neither completely modern or traditional but incorporates elements of both styles.

This design style can be achieved by either adding traditional, timeless pieces to a modern space or by adding more contemporary elements to a more period setting. Our beautiful Reclaimed stone is perfect for adding an element of history to a modern space.

The high quality and timelessness of the stone upholds a statement of luxury whilst complimenting more modern designs like the garden design project at the London home below. The Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving is beautifully incorporated around the steps and works well with modern garden elements. Our Bronte Sawn Yorkstone Paving helps to add a contemporary feel and gives an overall stunning impression.

Our Reclaimed Granite Setts have been used for the outdoor space of this home. The industrial past of the Setts and traditional look perfectly suit the architecture of the building whilst the modern elements of the building bring the design together.

For adding a modern element to an already classic and traditional home, building, garden or other space, our Fairfield Yorkstone Paving is the ideal choice. The cool grey tones and sawn finish give any space a stylish appeal. It is used in the Museum of the Order of St John in London with Fairfield’s finish complimenting the ancient and historic features of the buildings architecture.

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