Natural British Stone with UK Delivery Available

Completed Projects Lancaster High Street

In the picturesque town of Lancaster, a captivating project took shape. The property’s ground floor had suffered considerable wear over time, necessitating extensive renovation. Our team stepped in, offering a solution that would honour the town’s historical essence.


To ensure authenticity and gain local conservation approval, we presented samples of our esteemed Abbeystead Yorkstone. The choice garnered praise from the authorities, who recognized its enduring beauty and suitability for restoration.


With the green light, our craftsmen meticulously crafted templates of the existing stonework, carefully preserving the details of window surrounds, quoins, and door jambs. These templates served as the blueprint for the replication process, capturing the charm of the original architecture flawlessly.


To complete the restoration, we also supplied new walling stone that perfectly complemented the existing stonework. The result was a seamless integration of old and new, culminating in a project that paid homage to Lancaster’s history while ensuring the property’s longevity for generations to come.

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