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Completed Project Sandringham Estate

As the renowned King George V lovingly expressed, Sandringham held a special place in his heart, and it continues to be a cherished retreat for Her Majesty The Queen. For us, the honour of being asked to supply Reclaimed Yorkstone to this historic estate is one of our proudest moments.


Carefully selecting the Reclaimed Yorkstone flags was crucial, as they had to seamlessly match the existing paving. Our team diligently handpicked stones that would blend effortlessly with the estate’s timeless charm, creating a harmonious flow that appeared as if the stones had always been there.


Nature played her part as well, gently weathering the Reclaimed Yorkstone to acclimatize it to its new environment. Over time, the stones matured and settled, seamlessly blending with the rich history of Sandringham.


Since its construction in 1870, Sandringham Estate has held a place of great significance, not only in the history of the British Royal Family but also in the hearts of the people who have had the privilege to visit its hallowed grounds.


Being a part of this beloved country retreat’s preservation is a true honor, and we take pride in contributing to the timeless beauty and legacy of Sandringham. It serves as a testament to our commitment to providing materials of unparalleled quality, fitting for a place that has held the affection of generations.

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