Friday’s 5: Why choose natural stone?

Friday’s 5: Why choose natural stone?

23rd June 2017

Trends within home design seem to be shifting towards the natural and the neutral with the incorporation of natural stone both indoors and outdoors on the rise. The ability to create a stunning and unique look whilst ensuring practicality and durability is, for obvious reasons, increasingly popular and being recognised as a long lasting trend. Here are our 5 top reasons for why natural stone is the perfect choice:


1. Individuality

The variations of pattern, texture and colour within natural stone types means that it cannot be replicated. When using natural stone in and around your home, the stunning aesthetic of the material is incredibly diverse and gives unique character to any building or landscape.The versatility means that once quarried, it can be cut to the shape and size you desire creating the perfect opportunity for a unique design.




2. Durability

Natural stone is well known for its durability and practicality. In particular, Stone UK’s Reclaimed Granite Setts and Cubes are exceptionally durable and add a piece of history to your design. Similarly, Bronte Natural~Riven Yorkstone Paving is hard-wearing and perfect for interior and exterior use.





3. Environmental

All our stone is locally sourced from various locations around the UK. Our Bronte Sawn Yorkstone Paving, as seen photographed to the right, is ethically sourced from our quarry in Yorkshire. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is truly British and perfect for a timeless look.





4. Style

The diversity of natural stone means that it is perfect for creating a design style to suit your needs. A range of looks can be created from from a traditional and historic look to a more modern and contemporary one. If you like the look of our Bronte Sawn Yorkstone, our Fairfield Sawn Yorkstone Paving is a great alternative with a grey toned appearance perfect for more sleek and contemporary looks.




5. On trend

Natural stone varies in colour depending on the type. However, it commonly follows a colour palette of natural, earthy tones which are particularly on trend this season and recognisable as a long lasting trend for the future. Such an aesthetic is popular within current home and interior design styles. A more recent trend of bringing the outdoors in can be perfectly achieved as many of our products are suitable for both interior and exterior use.