Friday’s 5: Why use Reclaimed Yorkstone for your project?

Friday’s 5: Why use Reclaimed Yorkstone for your project?

14th July 2017

Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving is one of the finest paving materials available, with the versatile, durable and characterful nature of the paving stones making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Although you may not be aware, you are probably more than likely to have come across the timelessness and beauty of Yorkstone whilst simply walking down an English high street.

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Here are 5 reasons why you should consider incorporating our Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving into your home, building, garden or other design project.

1. Piece of history

Made from sandstone, this timeless material was originally used by the Romans who realised its full potential of being a hard-wearing but still aesthetically beautiful material. Much of our Reclaimed Yorkstone is sourced from streets or old buildings from around the UK, in particular the North of England. Its weathered appearance means that it presents a unique character that cannot be replicated and holds a story which can become a part of your own internal or external space.

2. Environmentally friendly

Some of the Yorkstone that we offer has been rescued from old buildings that would have been otherwise destroyed. Instead, this beautiful product is given a new lease of life. Therefore, this is more environmentally friendly than having to produce a completely new product which can also have its economical benefits too.

3. Colour and Aesthetic

The weathered tones of grey buff and brown are subtle and only enhanced as the stone weathers further. The colours and texture of Reclaimed Yorkstone complement many design styles well. Whether a flourishing and floral garden or a home interior with class and character, Reclaimed Yorkstone looks great, with the individual appearance of each flag adding a unique element to your design.

4. Timeless

The naturally weathered surface adds value to the product and the relatively low maintenance means that the beauty of Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving only gets better with time. Often associated with being located within the grounds of stately homes, manor houses or palaces, Reclaimed Yorkstone is sure to uphold a traditional and timeless look wherever it is used.

5. Design Flexibility

Reclaimed Yorkstone has multiple uses within construction, restoration and landscaping from driveways and paving to patios and kitchen floors. Contrary to the myth that stone is a cold material, Yorkstone actually retains heat making it even more perfect for an interior. It also particularly works well with some of our other products such as Reclaimed Yorkstone Setts to create an traditional and integrated look in your garden or for a pathway.