Reclaimed Yorkstone Setts

From the cobbled streets of days gone by…

  • Teeming with history and ancient tales, our Reclaimed Yorkstone Setts are ethically sourced from old streets throughout the North of England.
  • Works especially well with our Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving.

After years of exposure to horse drawn traffic, footfall and the weather, Reclaimed Yorkstone Setts are the perfect material to create a stunning courtyard, driveway or edgings for any building or landscaping project. In terms of colouring, Reclaimed Cobbles consist of weathered tones of grey, buff and brown.

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  • Layout Coursed
  • Size 100-180mm (d) x 150- 250mm (l) x 130-180mm (w)
  • Texture Natural
  • Edge Natural
  • Thickness Varies
  • Colour Weathered tones of grey, buff
  • Packaging Bulk Bag (approx 1 tonne)
  • Price £150.00
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