Fairfield Yorkstone Paving

Fairfield Yorkstone has characteristic grey tones which provide a consistent, high quality finish.

  • This hard wearing English grey york stone is our most dense stone; making it incredibly durable.
  • Our Fairfield Yorkstone paving just gets better with age! In terms of colour, it is a predominantly grey stone with some yellow / buff undertones.
  • Its clinically smooth, sawn finish aids in the creation of a modern contemporary look.

Due to its grey colouring, this paving would tie in brilliantly with those using slate aspects in their project; especially those in predominantly slate areas like the Lake District.

Stone UK has been proud to supply this material to the Museum of the Order of St John.

All prices are per m² excluding VAT

  • Layout Coursed
  • Size 600mm (w) x random (l) x 50mm (d)
  • Texture Sawn
  • Edge Sawn
  • Thickness Approx. 50mm
  • Colour Grey tones with some buff colouring
  • Packaging Approx. 7m2 per pallet
  • Price £80.00
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