Reclaimed Yorkstone Setts


Reclaimed Yorkstone cobble setts were used throughout the United Kingdom during the industrial revolution. Due to the durability of Yorkstone, setts were predominantly used for streets.

After years of exposure to horse drawn traffic, footfall and the weather, reclaimed Yorkstone setts can help create a stunning courtyard, driveway, rumble strip or edgings for your next building or hard landscaping project.

  • Much of our Reclaimed Yorkstone Setts are sourced from streets throughout the North of England
  • After years of exposure to horse drawn traffic, footfall and weather, Reclaimed Yorkstone
  • Setts are the perfect material to create a stunning courtyard, driveway or edgings for any building or landscaping project
  • Weathered tones of grey, buff and brown
  • Works well with our Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving
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Size100-180mm (w) x 150-250mm (l) x 130-180mm (d)
TextureWorn / Aged
ThicknessApprox 130-180mm
ColourWeathered tones of grey, buff and brown
PackagingApprox 5m2 per pallet at 60-80mm & 2.5m2 per bag at 150-200mm


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