Cobbles and Setts

Many of our reclaimed Yorkstone setts are sourced from the streets of the North of England. Used throughout the United Kingdom during the industrial revolution, our reclaimed Yorkstone cobbles and setts have had years of exposure to horse drawn traffic, footfall and the weather; making them the perfect material to create a stunning courtyard, driveway or landscaping project.

Available in natural weathered tones of grey, buff and brown, these cobbles and setts work seamlessly with our Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving range.

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A traditional building material used throughout Britain during the industrial revolution, reclaimed granite setts were originally laid for cobble streets, tram ways and dock sidings. Nowadays, they make the perfect material for creating a traditional cobbled courtyard, driveway or perhaps providing an edging effect to one of our paving products.

Ethically sourced from locations all over the British Isles, our reclaimed granite cobbles and setts offer exceptional durability; making it the ideal material for high-traffic areas. The characteristic blue-black and silver-grey colour make this stone unique and create a setting that is certain to impress.

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If you’re looking for an alternative to our reclaimed cobbles and setts, with no compromise on quality, our Fairfield range will not disappoint. Proudly British, each Fairfield Yorkstone sett is cut to a specific depth and then hand-finished by our dedicated stone masons. Most commonly used for driveways and courtyards, they can also be used to help create a variety of other designs.

In mainly grey tones throughout, with some buff shades, our Fairfield Yorkstone setts work beautifully with our Fairfield Paving Range.

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