Bronte Yorkstone Natural Riven Paving

Bronte York Stone is incredibly durable... not to mention beautiful!

  • Newly quarried in Yorkshire, this sandstone paving is renowned for its incredible strength and durability.
  • Newly laid Bronte York stone combines colourings of both buff and grey.
  • Our Bronte Yorkstone can be used to create a timeless look in any external space.

This natural riven finish is created by separating layers that form in the stone, known as ‘beds’, this gives a completely unique texture that cannot be replicated; the epitome of natural beauty!

  • Layout Radom Rectangles
  • Size Random lengths x random widths x 40-70mm
  • Texture Natural / Riven
  • Edge Sawn
  • Thickness Approx 40-70mm
  • Colour Buff and grey tones
  • Packaging Approx 7m2 per pallet
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