Reclaimed English Yorkstone Paving

Full of character and charm, our Reclaimed English Yorkstone Paving is a real showstopper

  • Genuine 18th Century Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving.
  • York sandstone is perhaps the most prestigious and quintessentially English product available.
  • It’s hard wearing, durable properties make it the ideal choice for both new areas of landscaping and also restoration projects, especially those in areas such as London.

With years of exposure to the environment and Victorian footfall, each Paving Stone has been worn smooth and has a unique character that cannot be replicated.

In terms of colour, our Reclaimed York stone varies from weathered tones of grey to buff and brown. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Layout Random Rectangles
  • Size Random (w) x random (l) x 40-70mm (d)
  • Texture Natural
  • Edge Natural
  • Thickness Approx. 40-70mm
  • Colour Mix of tones
  • Packaging Approx 7m2 per pallet
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