Make a Statement with our Product Range

Here at Stone UK, we have a large selection of products to help you make an entrance to your garden or house. Whether it be paving or detailing, we make our products to the highest standards. We do so to achieve greatest customer satisfaction. All our reclaimed products come from various parts of the country, but most come from the North West.  We highlight the various products you can use to create an inspiring environment.

Stone Paving


One of our most purchased product ranges is our paving. We source our stone paving from our very own quarry. This allows us to control the quality and consistency of our paving. This is so the customer always has the best natural stone that money can buy. In this range, we have Abbeystead Cathedral, Bronte Natural and Fairfield. All these have their own distinct finish and style. They are perfect for matching with your interior or exterior projects. We also are proud to showcase a small range of Indian Sandstone. We source our sandstone  from Kota, in India’s sandstone region. Also, we stock a range of heritage sandstone paving, which has a timeless and natural look. It continues to be an excellent alternative to our yorkstone. As with our heritage sandstone, we also stock reclaimed yorkstone paving. This is an excellent and sustainable alternative to new yorkstone paving. This is because it is from all over the North West. 



Yorkstone Setts

Alongside our standard paving range, we also feature a range of cobbles and setts. We take our reclaimed yorkstone setts from industrial towns in Northern England. They have years of wear from exposure to heavy traffic and weathering. This gives them their unique appearance. Our reclaimed granite setts are also reclaimed from various parts of the UK. This ensures your project has cultural history. Also, we have a stock of heritage sandstone setts which have a wider colour range to them. This makes them more versatile to use with various other materials. 


To help you take your garden to the next level, we also have a range of structural detailing. Our copings are perfect for matching with our natural stones. They allow your walls to look smooth and stylish. We have yorkstone steps, which are for gradient changes and swimming pools. Included in our range of architectural detailing are our window surroundings. These include quoins, sills, lintels, jambs and mullions. Information about these individual products are on their respective page. 

Reclaimed Walling

Walling is one of the most overlooked aspects of a garden. It separates the outside world from your space. It is important to make walling complement the detailing in your garden. This will help create a more uniform and complete aesthetic. We sell a few types of walling which are all versatile and dynamic. Our random rubble walling are blocks of varying size. This is perfect for creating an interior or exterior feature wall. Our dry stone walling are rectangular stones designed to create a layered pattern. We also have a reclaimed walling option for a more sustainable approach. As with our stone paving, our walling is sourced from our quarry.


To go alongside all our natural stone, we supply a variety of stone care products too. In our range of stone care products are stone sealers and cleaners. Our stone sealer is non-hazardous and versatile. It prevents any damage affecting the appearance of your stone. It does this by creating a layer between the stone and its environment. We also stock a colour enhancer which helps bring out the stone’s natural colour after it has faded. If the stone has stains, our stone cleaner is perfect for getting rid of any dirt or spills. We also stock specialised removers which deal better with certain types of damage. As such, we stock moss & algae remover, concrete & salt remover and grime & grease remover.


To find out more about our product range, please visit our pages by clicking on the links provided.