Friday’s 5: Natural stone as interior flooring

Our natural British stone is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Here are Stone UK’s top 5 reasons for why natural stone makes the perfect interior flooring.

1. Hardwearing

All of our natural stone products are high quality and hardwearing making for a great flooring solution. Natural stone can be used indoors in many designs, buildings and in various rooms in your home. Whether used in hallways, livings rooms, kitchens or bathrooms, natural stone not only looks great but will last and remain timeless in your home or indoor space.

2. Practical

The durability and practicality of natural stone is another reason why it makes a great flooring solution in interior design. The stone is easy to clean, low maintenance and hygienic making a practical flooring solution for use in homes, businesses and other building interiors.

3. On trend

Stone UK offers a variety of colours and finishes of our natural Yorkstone Paving range. The colours of natural stone tend to follow a palette of neutral, earthy tones which are on trend and often used in interior design. The use of natural stone is a long-lasting trend which will not go out of fashion when used for your space.

4. Unique

The nature of natural stone means that it comes in a variety of colours and textures and each individual piece cannot be replicated. This versatility means than natural stone can be selected to suit your design style as an interior flooring.

5. Perfect for Interiors

Contrary to the myth that stone is a cold flooring, it actually retains heat making it perfect for an interior flooring. It also is commonly used along with underfloor heating solutions.