Friday’s 5: Natural stone as interior flooring

Our natural British stone is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Here are Stone UK’s top 5 reasons for why natural stone makes the perfect interior flooring.

5 Reasons to consider Yorkstone paving


1: Durability


Yorkstone is a historical building stone which has featured prominently throughout the British urban landscape since medieval times. There is an excellent reason for this – it is incredibly hard wearing. Yorkstone is a high quality stone which does not damage easily regardless of the environment, making it an ideal choice for indoors. No accidents or traffic will damage its visually smooth appearance. This quality aids in creating an ageless aesthetic to any home. As with other materials such as wood or porcelain, a chip would result in a decrease in attractiveness. With yorkstone, it would only add to the character of the flooring. 

2: Practicality

This sought after English stone traces its roots to the York stone quarries. Originally from Yorkshire, it has been a common paving material for centuries. Its practical nature makes it a great resource for home interiors. Having the reputation for being one of the most resistant natural stones and having the smoothness of a synthetic material, it is remarkably easy to clean. All this stone would need for its maintenance is a sealer making it impervious to spills or stains This low maintenance factor makes it an extremely practical flooring material, but allows it to be a hygienic option for homeowners and businesses.


3: Character

Stonemasons have been able to use yorkstone for a variety of purposes, making it incredibly versatile. The colouring of yorkstone is what makes it an appealing alternative for interior use. Natural weathering processes shade the rock over millions of years, making each piece of yorkstone have its own unique and individual characteristics. This makes the final finish sleek and stylish. The colours of this natural stone tend to follow a palette of neutral, earthly tones which coincide with contemporary interior design trends. The timeless nature of stone means it will never go out of fashion, allowing for an expressive yet sophisticated aesthetic. The character is only strengthened with reclaimed yorkstone, as it retains the history of its previous location in its colour and texture.


4: Versatility

Whether used for dry stone walling or stone paving, it has seen use in a large range of environments. Contrary to popular belief, yorkstone is well-suited to bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms due to its heat retaining properties. Despite a sizable consensus of people believing stone to be a cold material, yorkstone retains heat brilliantly which makes it a warm and cosy choice for interior flooring.


5: Complementary


Despite yorkstone being a famous and well-known stone, it ties effortlessly with its surroundings. Whether it be a modern contemporary home or rustic and rural house, these yorkstone flags will be a silent hero, allowing for neighbouring aesthetics to shine. Despite being deserving of the centre stage, this material will highlight and showcase other colours and materials as it seamlessly blends with any room. Yorkstone is a high quality stone which makes for perfect flooring. We believe it is a material which should be given some consideration when thinking about any home renovation or restoration project.