Natural stone: Aftercare

Eco Stone Shield

Natural stone: Aftercare

21st July 2017

After installation of any natural stone, it is important to keep in mind the aftercare of the product to ensure that the it remains timeless and can uphold its statement of luxury for as long as possible.

The high durability and practicality of natural stone makes it easy to forget that it is not immune to damage. But there are some top tips that we recommend to be followed to protect the beautiful aesthetic of your natural stone.

1. Protect with our Eco Stone Shield Stone Sealer

At Stone UK, we recommend that all of our natural stone products, whether used indoors or out, should be protected with our eco-friendly Stone Sealer to uphold the perfect condition. It isn’t uncommonly known that surfaces in and around our homes are susceptible to stains and spillages. Our sealer is the perfect aftercare solution to any accidental spillages such as paint, coffee and even red wine. It is 100% ecological and safe for children, pets and aquatic life.

2. Gentle cleaning

Once you have given your space one coating with our sealer, natural stone is very low maintenance. However, gentle cleaning will be necessary but be sure not to use any harsh cleaning products. A top tip is to use a dry mop to remove any dust, dirt, grit or other debris.

3. Remove stains correctly

We also recommend our Eco Stone Shield Stone Cleaner for any heavier spills as it is fast acting but does not alter the aesthetic of the treated area. Like all of our products, it is very simple to use. Depending on what type of environment your natural stone is exposed to, we have other ecological and environmentally friendly products for the removal of tough substances such as grime and grease, moss and algae or concrete.

4. Sealer top up

Although the original coat of our sealer won’t ‘wear off’, it can be beneficial to protect both your interior and exterior surfaces even further by adding a top up layer every few years depending on the specific product used. This will allow you to achieve long-lasting care for your natural stone to upkeep the luxurious and timeless aesthetic.