Friday’s 5: Natural Stone Inspiration

Friday’s 5: Natural Stone Inspiration

28th July 2017

The variety and versatility of natural stone products mean that they offer many uses to suit specific designs, styles and spaces. Here are some inspirational ideas that you could achieve with our natural stone products.

1. Seamless indoor to outdoor flooring

A popular and more contemporary style idea is the use of natural stone flooring both inside and outside the home. This can achieve a seamless integrated look between an interior and exterior space especially when partnered with design ideas such as floor to ceiling windows or bifolding doors.

2. Stone feature wall

Natural stone isn’t just great for flooring but many other unique uses. For a modern look and to add a statement to an interior or exterior space, a natural stone feature wall is a great way to add a sense of luxury and style.

3. Swimming pool surround

Natural stone makes a great swimming pool surround whether it is an indoor or outdoor pool. Our Bronte Natural~Riven Yorkstone Paving is perfect for this use as the texture increases its slip resistance and safety whilst the low maintenance means the stunning aesthetic of the stone is upheld.

4. Water feature

Natural stone used as a water feature can create a show-stopping modern addition to a space or can be used for a more natural, integrated look as the stone blends in with the surroundings of the outdoors. Whether a clean, modern or a more traditional, rustic look is to be achieved, natural stone can be a perfect solution.

5. Cobbled courtyard

Natural stone can be used in the form of setts and cobbles to create a rustic, traditional but impressive finish to a courtyard or driveway. Reclaimed Granite Setts were a traditional building material used throughout the Britain during the industrial revolution and their incredible durability makes them great for outdoor and high traffic spaces.